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Hi! this is my first comment on this site! First of all I want to say I m a big fan of it! I love the articles and the tips! Maybe my comment is offtopic but I really need a suggestion…I m Italian with a discrete level of English and I would like start writing short stories in English…is that crazy? I mean, …I already know I will need time to reach a level of English that allow me to write at least a decent story( I don’t live in a country where I’m surrounded by English people,even if I use English sometimes for job )…and I know I will hardly get the confidence I can have writing in my native language but I really would like to do that in order to better take advance of this community!

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  1. Novels by Indian Women Sep 30, 17 11:58 AM

    In an Udippi, the water is right there. On every table. Mostly in a steel glass. Take a sip and you’re glass is instantly refilled. You can even share a table with a stranger.
    Unlike the hi-fi restaurant, the menu here is more like a familiar neighbour. Even the most bizarre sounding dosa won’t startle you when it arrives. You’ll get your order within minutes. And soon before you take your last bite and burp, your bill arrives. So you’re spared the trouble of calling for a cheque, which in here would still mean a piece of paper used for banking transactions.

    Writing stories

    writing stories


    writing storieswriting storieswriting storieswriting stories