Utc application essay

Letter of support
Please arrange for the submission of at least one letter of support for your application. Your referee(s) should be familiar with your research career and able to comment on your standing as one of your country’s leading academics. If possible, one letter should come from your national academy or equivalent body. If this is not possible, or you wish to supply additional letters of recommendation, these should come from your employer, research institution, or other professional person familiar with your work. Personal or character references are not required.

my high school didn’t show much attention towards activities (it’s a Saudi Arabian high school).
In Saudi Arabia here colleges don’t care about activities and they don’t even bother to ask about activities. i never knew the importance of extra curricular activities until now that i’m applying to colleges. That’s why i never really had the chance to participate in school activities. should i mention what i just said in the common app?
one other problem is that i’m applying to U of Michigan and in their essays they ask me to talk about one of my activities. i have nothing to talk about. HELP ME 🙁

Can I honestly and openly ask for comment please? I have spoken (along with at least one administrator) to a user here who seems to be having extreme difficulty with getting the message about writing articles in Simple English. At this point in time, no fewer than 7 of their articles have been moved to userspace because they're not considered suitable for mainspace. Comments from me and from the administrator concerned have gone unanswered, the user has never replied or commented to us on the issue, and they just keep on rolling. With all the talk about WP:CIR , would you consider an inability to understand and follow instructions, a competence issue, and if so, would it be amenable to the community to commence block proceedings against the user concerned if they do not interact with the people who are trying to help them? DaneGeld ( talk ) 20:59, 14 September 2017 (UTC)

Utc application essay

utc application essay


utc application essayutc application essayutc application essayutc application essay