Technology after 50 years essay

The legal and regulatory framework for operating non-military drones is currently the subject of much debate , but the public is largely unenthusiastic: 63% of Americans think it would be a change for the worse if “personal and commercial drones are given permission to fly through most . airspace,” while 22% think it would be a change for the better. Men and younger adults are a bit more excited about this prospect than are women and older adults. Some 27% of men (vs. 18% of women), and 30% of 18–29 year olds (vs. 16% of those 65 and older) think this would be a change for the better. But even among these groups, substantial majorities (60% of men and 61% of 18-29 year olds) think it would be a bad thing if commercial and personal drones become much more prevalent in future years.

Hi djits! thanks for the post, it explains a lot, everything in the world of MT but not more of the career opportunities now a days. I just want to share my career path as being MT. I graduated in 2003 and had my 2 yr experience as MT in hospital. It didn’t last because my social life sacrificed, since I am a , I always in the night shift. A sales offer came so I became a Sales and Applications Specialist in one of the known Diagnostic Sales in the country. It lasted for 3 years because I see many opportunities in Manila like the job I am handling. In 2008, I became product manager in one of the competitive and famous leading IVD industry in Manila. I have good compensation, nice car, high food and gas allowances, phone allowance plus the monthly commissions when you hit your target (which I am). Dears, Im writing in here to encourage MT grads and those taking up MT currently to continue what you are doing. You have to see the opportunities arounds you. MTs are very in demand nowadays. Almost every Hospital is in need of Clinical Laboratory personnel. Overseas are also open; needs higher budget for US,Eu; enough experience for KSA, . Over-all, MT is in demand. For those who are eyeing for high salary bec. you have family to support, try to penetrate the Sales World. As a matter of fact, we even get Nursing grads for sales even the first choice are MTs, see? Lastly and most importantly,do not forget-to put God first-in evrything to you plan and dream. He will sure help you. I can testify. Thanks.

Technology after 50 years essay

technology after 50 years essay


technology after 50 years essaytechnology after 50 years essaytechnology after 50 years essaytechnology after 50 years essay