Social studies term papers

Teaching Ideas
Workers’ Theatre as an Inquiry Process for Exploring Social Issues of the 1930s
George W. Chilcoat
The workers’ theatre movement of the 1930s attempted to unite actors and audience in devising solutions to societal problems. Re-enacting its dramatic forms is a great way to introduce students to the issues of the time.

From Hiroshima to Homer Simpson: Using Literature to Confront the Impact of Nuclear Energy
Dennis Banks
The problems associated with nuclear energy have given even its peacetime use a bad rap in today’s society. This article suggests several fiction and non-fiction titles that may help expand students’ knowledge of the hazards—and the potential of nuclear power.

The Epic of Sundiata: Using African Literature in the Classroom
Margaret Sullivan
The Epic of Sundiata, which chronicles the rise of the Empire of Mali in the grasslands of northwestern Africa in the 13th century, is a compelling drama that bears comparison to such other hero tales as The Iliad and—its own contemporary—the Arthurian legend.

Writing Poetry in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom
George Maxim
Creative writing should be no less a part of the elementary social studies writing program than are expository forms. This article looks at the use of a poetic form—the cinquain—to teach about Mexican vaqueras in a fourth grade unit on the American Southwest.

The 1997 Carter G. Woodson Book Awards
These annual awards honor books that deal with subjects relating to . ethnic minorities and race relations in a manner suitable for readers at the elementary and secondary levels. This year’s highest awards go to Suhair Hamid Ghazi for Ramadan, a book for young readers about celebrating the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, and to Jim Haskins for The Harlem Renaissance, an excellent resource that brings Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s to life for high school students.

Elementary Teaching Ideas
Hot on the Campaign Trail! Teaching Social Studies through Drama
Mary Kathleen Barnes
The author introduces her third grade students to . politics by using “drama frames” to actively involve them in the electoral process and the workings of the three branches of the federal government.

Elementary Teaching Ideas
Building the George Washington Bridge: A First Grade Experience
Elizabeth P. McMillan
What can a first grade teacher do with a sturdy 8-foot cardboard box? In this case, build the towers of the George Washington Bridge, and then let students take over the jobs of construction workers on the bridge and tugboat captains on the river.

Social studies term papers

social studies term papers


social studies term paperssocial studies term paperssocial studies term paperssocial studies term papers