Satire thesis

About one-quarter of the poems in the Carmina Burana are accompanied in the manuscript by music using unheighted, staffless neumes , [29] an archaic system of musical notation that by the time of the manuscript had largely been superseded by staffed neumes. [30] Unheighted neumes only indicate whether a given note is pitched higher or lower than the preceding note, without giving any indication of how much change in pitch there is between two notes, so they are useful only as mnemonic devices for singers who are already familiar with the melody. However, it is possible to identify many of those melodies by comparing them with melodies notated in staffed neumes in other contemporary manuscripts from the schools of Notre Dame and Saint Martial . [30]

Shankar is a staunch defender of Khan's feature film work, which has received a mixed response in the . (2004's Torque and 2011's Detention were both critical busts). Shankar partially blames Kahn's muted renown on a system that "very openly belittles Asian-Americans unless Vin Diesel is in your corner." Both men are underrepresented minorities operating on the edges of the Hollywood system, factors that imbue their artistic output with an anti-establishment spirit. Shankar, who said he used to get called "Emo Night Shyamalan," feels this in his core. Whether in fashion, language or his beloved pop culture, Shankar credits his unique perspective to his upbringing: "I've never been in the majority. Ever.

Satire thesis

satire thesis


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