Sample thesis posters

@Yash, I'm not sure why he's using 300V.  There are a lot of interrelated variables in this system that a designer has play around with.... possible explanations: (1) The coil he's using has higher resistance either from the length of the windings or the wire gauge, so he needed more voltage to get higher currents; (2) If he's using thicker magnets, he may need to up the voltage to generate more magnetic flux to switch the magnets?  Frankly, I'm just speculating....   You could probably email Andrew Jochum if you want to understand his design.  

It is extremely important that figures be prepared with the proper resolution for publication in order to avoid inaccurate presentation of the data. The minimum acceptable resolution for all figures is 300 dpi. Excessive file compression can distort images, so files should be carefully checked after compression. Note that figures that contain both line art (such as graphs) and RGB/grayscale areas (such as photographs) are best prepared as EPS (vector) files with embedded TIFF images for the RGB/grayscale portions. The resolution of those embedded TIFF images should be at least 300 dpi.

Sample thesis posters

sample thesis posters


sample thesis posterssample thesis posterssample thesis posterssample thesis posters