Pursuing a higher education essay

Many grants dedicated to specific career paths are, in fact, award-for-service programs. These programs perform two functions; they give much needed financial aid to talented students pursuing careers in high need fields, and they help to secure and retain talented professionals in communities that are experiencing critical manpower shortages. Students entering into a grant-for-service program should understand that they are agreeing to a binding contract, and will be obligated to fulfill all the of the particulars of that contract. Students who fail to meet their award-for-service obligations will find that their grants will revert to standard student loans, and they will be expected to repay all monies received plus interest.

As part of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 , states are required to submit data for federal core indicators of performance to the United States Department of Education/Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) via their Consolidated Annual Reports (CAR). Each applicant is required to meet state targets within 90 percent for each core indicator. Perkins core indicator data is provided for Texas public community, state and technical colleges by gender, ethnicity and special populations. Institutions are also required to assess their core indicator performance compared to state targets and outline strategies for improvement in the Perkins Basic Grant . Additional district-level and program-level data by institution can be found at Perkins Data Resources .

On a cold, clear night in January 2008, when Iowa Democrats selected Barack Obama over a white woman and a white man in the state’s first-in-the-nation caucus, the moment felt transformative. If voters in this overwhelmingly white, rural state could cast their ballots for a black man as president, then perhaps it was possible for the entire nation to do what had never been done; perhaps America had turned far enough away from its racist past that skin color was no longer a barrier to the highest office of the land. In the months that followed, as Obama racked up primary victories, not just in the expected cities but also in largely white Rust Belt towns and farming communities, it seemed evidence for many Americans that the nation had finally become “post-racial.”

Pursuing a higher education essay

pursuing a higher education essay


pursuing a higher education essaypursuing a higher education essaypursuing a higher education essaypursuing a higher education essay