Public health dissertation funding

The University Committee on Committees (UCOC), has appointed UCI Public Health Chair Oladele Ogunseitan to the UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) Advisory Board. Prof. Ogunseitan will serve from Fall 2017 - Summer 2020.

UCCS offers an integrated program to provide training in public policy issues critical to the future of the state and to the University’s land-grant mandate to assist state government. As a systemwide program available to students and faculty across the UC system, UCCS has offered:

  • instruction in public policy and public-affairs journalism to undergraduate students;
  • opportunities for graduate and professional-school students;
  • internships in the California Legislature and executive branch;
  • internships with agencies, boards, commissions and organizations that make or seek to support sound public policy;
  • internships with media organizations that cover state government;
  • a place for UC faculty to teach, to do research, and to share their work with the Sacramento policy community and with policymakers.
More information on UCCS can be found at: http:/// .

Public health dissertation funding

public health dissertation funding


public health dissertation fundingpublic health dissertation fundingpublic health dissertation fundingpublic health dissertation funding