Poverty alleviation pakistan essay

Another project De Waele mentioned does not necessarily alleviate poverty, but does improve the daily lives of people living with a particularly harsh disease in Kenya. The Happy Feet project uses 3D printing to create customizable shoes in an attempt to solve the jigger problem. A jigger, also known as a sand flea, is a small insect that bites and feeds on humans, cats, dogs and domesticated livestock. Though a single bite is not likely to cause damage, complications can arise when a female jigger burrows into the foot of a person. Due to the pain, victims of the sand flea are unable to walk, which means they are also unable to work. In cases of serious infestation, it is possible to lose a nail, in the best case, or whole digits from the hands and feet in the worst case. The worst cases appear in places of poverty.

Also, in the view of Balogun (1993) of Economic reforms and National question, “poverty is defined as a situation where a population or section of the population is able to meet only its bare subsistence essential of food, clothing and shelter in order to maintain minimum standard of living”. In order to understand the concept well, this definition requires that a yardstick be set which can be used to determine who is poor and who is not. This led to the emergence of the concept of poverty line based on the level of per capita income or consumption of individuals or households within a region or country, which means the cut-off living standard level below which a person is classified as poor and counting the people whose income is below the line.

Poverty alleviation pakistan essay

poverty alleviation pakistan essay


poverty alleviation pakistan essaypoverty alleviation pakistan essaypoverty alleviation pakistan essaypoverty alleviation pakistan essay