Physics tutor

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At this level, Edu-Kingdom’s private tutors have one eye firmly fixed on the VCE exams and university applications. This is apparent in the rigour of the course curriculum. Whatever combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology your child takes, they are guaranteed to be challenged. Many of our tutors have experience marking, and setting the VCE. They harness their veteran expertise to design very accurate VCE test simulations that will put our students one step ahead of their peers at every turn. The Edu-Kingdom VCE science program will see your child through to the end of their education with flying colours!

Andes is an intelligent homework helper for physics.  That is, it replaces the pencil and paper that students would ordinarily use to solve physics homework problems.  Students draw diagrams, enter equations and define variables with the same freedom that they have when using paper.  Yet, unlike a piece of paper, Andes tells students whether their entry is correct by turning it red or green, and Andes will give principle-based hints when asked.  Several semester-long evaluations of Andes showed that students who did their homework on it learned significantly more than students who did the same homework problems on paper. 

Physics tutor

physics tutor


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