Persuasive speech essay topics

So, while I would not be considered an orator, I do speak in front of groups of 3-to-20 people for a living. And, being in software sales, I better be PERSUASIVE or I’ll be looking for another job! Great list. It’s really tough to boil the ocean of possible skills down into a short list of just 6, but I think you picked 6 good ones. One I might as is: BE YOU! When I first started speaking, I had this false notion that I should speak like a politician or a self-help guru (poise, cadence, stoic posture, etc.). I thought that because those are the only types of people I had ever seen present. So, in trying to emulate them, I automatically was “acting” instead of just “being”. It’s a lot easier to be you, quirks and all, and focus on the material. Steve Jobs was a master of this, oftentimes channeling his inner nerd. I like to do the same, because comfort and confidence are two of the most attractive qualities in a presenter. ;)

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Persuasive speech essay topics

persuasive speech essay topics


persuasive speech essay topicspersuasive speech essay topicspersuasive speech essay topicspersuasive speech essay topics