Personal statement sample essay

Once you document all asset and liability figures, total your assets and liabilities. Next, subtract total liabilities from total assets to determine your net worth figure. Certain types of debt, such as a mortgage, can be considered "positive" debts as long as you're able to consistently make your monthly mortgage payments. Your ultimate goal is to regularly increase your assets while making sure your liabilities are kept in check and on a downward trajectory. And keep in mind that the cost of carrying debt (particularly credit card debt ) is reflected in interest rates that are generally higher for those with lower credit scores. 

When I left secondary education I was still unsure as to what I wanted to do in terms of a career, but was keen to develop my understanding of the world of business, commerce and finance. I was able to do this through a combination of the topic I chose to pursue during my years in further education, and by taking up a Saturday job at my uncle’s office. My uncle is a financial adviser; something that had never caught my attention before that time, but in time helped me focus on what I wanted to do. I also used this connection to arrange for further work experience placements during my time at sixth form college, which was helping me to see everything I was being taught about in practice.

Personal statement sample essay

personal statement sample essay


personal statement sample essaypersonal statement sample essaypersonal statement sample essaypersonal statement sample essay