Outline for immigration essay

CBP officers may inspect your person and possessions to establish that you are not trying to bring contraband into the United States and/or to help establish the purpose of your visit to the United States.  This might include the examination of your computer, phone, tablet or other portable electronic device. A CBP officer may also ask you to provide usernames and/or passwords to access data on your devices. If you refuse to provide usernames and/or passwords, you can anticipate that your devices will be confiscated and may not be returned for an extended period of time. Those who are not US Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents might also be refused admission to the United States, upon refusal to provide usernames and/or passwords, if CBP believes data on the device is necessary to establish the purpose of your visit, or if CBP suspects that the device contains contraband.

The licensing managed by the Immigration Advisers Authority Official website establishes and monitors industry standards and sets requirements for continued professional development . As an independent body, the Authority can prosecute unlicensed immigration advisers. Penalties include up to seven years imprisonment and/or fines up to $NZ100,000 for offenders, as well as the possibility of court-ordered reparation payments. It can refer complaints made against licensed advisers to an Independent Tribunal, . Immigration Advisers Complaints & Disciplinary Tribunal .

Outline for immigration essay

outline for immigration essay


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