Orestes clytemnestra essays

See also Achilles ; Aphrodite ; Apollo ; Cassandra ; Clytemnestra ; Electra ; Greek Mythology ; Hector ; Helen of Troy ; Homer ; Iliad, the ; Iphigenia ; Menelaus ; Odyssey, the ; Orestes ; Paris .

Answer: Agamemnon is the first play in a trilogy of tragedies by Aeschylus entitled the Oresteia. Even though Agamemnon gets a shout-out in the play's title, Clytemnestra may well be its most interesting character. By interesting, we don't mean likable – after all, technically speaking, she is a liar, a two-timer, and a murderer. But maybe that's just part of her charm. We'd better explain. The first thing we learn about Clytemnestra is from the Watchman in the opening scene of the play. He isn't her biggest fan, though he doesn't give us ... Read more →

Orestes clytemnestra essays

orestes clytemnestra essays


orestes clytemnestra essaysorestes clytemnestra essaysorestes clytemnestra essaysorestes clytemnestra essays