Mathematics coursework 2005

Assessment for all degrees is through a combination of examinations and coursework. Examinations are the more important part of the process, but the assessed coursework will help you to work steadily throughout your degree. This is particularly important in Mathematics where the subject matter develops logically from fairly simple beginnings. Written examinations for mathematics modules are held in January and May/June of the first and second years and in May/June of each subsequent year. Most modules also have either a mid-term test or coursework contributing to the assessment.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has been educating engineers for more than 150 years, earning a national reputation as a prestigious institution in the field. With our ABET-accredited engineering degree programs and degrees in computer science, mathematics, and more, we’ll prepare you for a career in highly paid, growing fields. Our  General Engineering coursework provides you with the foundation to succeed in one of seven ABET-accredited professional engineering programs available at UW-Platteville. You’ll receive hands-on, practical application of theories learned in the classroom through undergraduate research opportunities, placement in co-ops and internships, community engagement projects, and nearly two dozen professional clubs and organizations.

Mathematics coursework 2005

mathematics coursework 2005


mathematics coursework 2005mathematics coursework 2005mathematics coursework 2005mathematics coursework 2005