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Sadhus—Hindu holy men who went to the Himalayas in meditation—were among the first to make charas . When hippies began following sadhus through the mountains in the 1970s, locals, who had been smoking a rough mix of resin and other parts of the plant, began making charas, too. They follow the same technique today to produce what's estimated to be tons of charas a year. There are no official figures for India’s charas production or cannabis cultivation. Because it's illegal, the Indian government has never conducted a large-scale survey to assess cannabis production within its boundaries.  

I am the Senior Horticulturist at Ambius. My education includes a BS in Horticulture and MS in Agricultural Education. I have over 15 years of work experience in the horticulture industry and over five years teaching horticulture for University of Illinois Extension and the College of Lake County. At Ambius, my role encompasses a variety of functions including creating horticultural training materials, responding to field inquiries, and research and development. I collaborate with colleagues in field operations, sales and management on a wide variety of horticultural practices.

Inside im dancing essay

inside im dancing essay


inside im dancing essayinside im dancing essayinside im dancing essay