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The ballots shall be counted, returns made and canvassed as in general elections and the results certified by the commissioners of election to the county commission. The county commission shall, without delay, certify the result of the election. Upon receipt of the results of the election, in the event a majority of the votes are marked “Yes” all applicable licensees shall be permitted prohibited to sell and dispense beer, wine or alcoholic liquors beginning at ten o’clock . on Sundays. In the event a majority of the votes are marked “No” all applicable licensees will continue to be required to comply with existing law.

The radial nerve may be damaged by lesions (such as fractures) of the humerus, since the radial nerve has a course in close proximity to the humeral shaft. It is also somewhat prone to trauma at the lateral elbow. When the main part of the radial nerve is injured, there is weakness of wrist extension (wrist drop) and diminished sensation on the dorsum of the hand (not to the finger tips). The radial nerve divides into a superficial (cutaneous) branch and a deep (muscular) branch at the elbow. The superficial branch can be damaged by trauma or direct pressure over the distal radius (., handcuffs), producing sensory loss and dysesthesia/paresthesia on the dorsum of the hand. The deep branch can be compressed in the tunnel that it makes through and under the supinator muscle. This can weaken many of the extensors (such as for the fingers) while sparing the brachioradialis muscle and the extensors of the radial side of the wrist.

The following distinguishes research requiring REB review from non-research activities that have traditionally employed methods and techniques similar to those employed in research. Such activities are not considered “research” as defined in this Policy, and do not require REB review. Activities outside the scope of research subject to REB review (see Articles and ), as defined in this Policy, may still raise ethical issues that would benefit from careful consideration by an individual or a body capable of providing some independent guidance, other than an REB. These ethics resources may be based in professional or disciplinary associations, particularly where those associations have established best practices guidelines for such activities in their discipline.

Include findings chapter dissertation

include findings chapter dissertation


include findings chapter dissertationinclude findings chapter dissertationinclude findings chapter dissertationinclude findings chapter dissertation