How to pass the ged essay

The GED certification itself (., without further post-secondary education or training) does not create the same labor market opportunities available to traditional high school graduates. [22] While people who have earned the GED test credential tend to earn more than dropouts and less than high school graduates, economist James Heckman has found that this is primarily due to existing differences in the characteristics and backgrounds of GED test graduates. When controlling for other influences, he finds no evidence that, for the average taker, the GED test credential improves an individual's economic opportunities above those for other dropouts. [22]

Thousands of students take up the test in the Sate of Florida. It gives an opportunity for adults who have not been able to attend high school to get a diploma to pursue higher studies or rise up in their career. Due to security reasons, the test cannot be taken online. It has to be taken at a testing center only. The State of Florida offers the test for people with special needs as well. This includes allotting of a scribe to write the test, allotting of more time, testing in a separate room with frequent breaks and other requirements for the differently-abled examinees. The exam is available in the Braille form and audio cassettes form as well.

How to pass the ged essay

how to pass the ged essay


how to pass the ged essayhow to pass the ged essayhow to pass the ged essayhow to pass the ged essay