Guggenheim dissertation fellowship

Dr. Poppy Slocum has been a faculty member in Communication Studies since 2014. She has a . in Classics and Romance Linguistics from the University of Washington and expects to receive her . in Linguistics in Spring 2016 from Stony Brook University.

Her dissertation, The Syntax of Address, focuses on the internal and external structure of vocative phrases. In addition to generative syntax, Ms. Slocum is also interested in the relationship between language and power, both socially and politically. More details about her research and teaching can be found at .


Pico Iyer once called Charles Bukowski the “laureate of American lowlife,” and that's because he wrote poems for and about ordinary Americans -- people who experienced poverty, the tedium and grind of work, and sometimes frayed relationships, bouts of alcoholism, drug addiction and the rest. Bukowski could write so eloquently about this because he came from this world. He grew up in a poor immigrant household with an abusive father, took to the bottle at an early age, worked at a Los Angeles post office for a decade plus, and had a long and tumultuous relationship with Jane Cooney Baker, a widow eleven years his senior, who drank to excess and died at 51, leaving Bukowski broken .

Guggenheim dissertation fellowship

guggenheim dissertation fellowship


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