Fire paper prevention term

While practice can make perfect, it can also make fire drills seem ‘routine.’ Keeping the drills meaningful was the next challenge.  Once no one was a casualty, QCI started doing un scheduled drills. In addition, people were designated to stand at certain exits with big signs: “Exit blocked- find another exit.” This forced workers to think about what they were doing and  why  they were marching out of the building. That training came into use during the power outage when some areas were too dark and the workers had to use their alternate exits. Everyone still got out within their required time, using the light from the exit signs—and cell phones. Every employee knew what to do and where to go, and no one panicked.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of General Services, Division of Engineering and Buildings (DEB), recently instituted a new building permit policy that affects all state agencies. Under this policy we are required to issue building permits for all renovations and construction projects costing less than $500,000. The Director of Facilities has been designated as the Agency Representative to issue permits and ensure the University meets all legally mandated Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC) requirements. For additional information concerning this subject visit http:///physp/ , or contact the Campus Renovation Services section of Facilities.

Fire paper prevention term

fire paper prevention term


fire paper prevention termfire paper prevention termfire paper prevention termfire paper prevention term