Ethnicity sports essays

Also in regards to the "ghettoization" issue, an ethnicity/gender/religion/sexuality/disability subcategory should never be implemented as the final rung in a category tree, unless the parent is (or will become) purely a container category . If a category is not otherwise dividable into more specific groupings, then do not create an E/G/R/S subcategory. For instance: if Category:American poets is not realistically dividable on other grounds, then do not create a subcategory for "African-American poets", as this will only serve to isolate these poets from the main category. Instead, simply apply "African-American writers" (presuming Category:Writers is the parent of Category:Poets ) and "American poets" as two distinct categories.

Similarly, its capital, Augusta, is both historically and culturally diverse, with nearly 20,000 people calling it home. Although this number isn’t as staggering as some populations, we hope to market the Augusta Predators not only to the city of Augusta, but to all of Maine, the surrounding states, and possibly internationally. This will achieved through the use of multiple media outlets, including local TV stations, SportsCenter, MLB International1, , and many print sources. Additionally, the Augusta Predators will be offering sponsorship opportunities to local and national businesses. Through different packages and prices, we hope to allow businesses of all kinds to associate themselves with the Augusta Predators.

Ethnicity sports essays

ethnicity sports essays


ethnicity sports essaysethnicity sports essaysethnicity sports essaysethnicity sports essays