Essential questions in research papers

Oil Lady, I have never heard of Clorox wipes sending a person to the hospital. I have, however, heard of people being made very sick by being exposed to essential oils (even very pure ones) being diffused by a co-worker. Since the publication of this article dozens of people have reached out to me and told me stories very similar to Linda’s. Her experience (and the experience of your acquaintance) is not all that unusual. These reactions can happen even to people with ideal “lifestyle habits”. Using essential oils is your choice, but you should not force them on others in your environment and you should definitely not point the finger at another person’s habits when your oils make them sick.

The feet are one of the poorest absorption sites on the body, Wendy. I’ve written on this topic over here: http:///essential-oils-and-the-feet/ . All of the safety data I’ve read indicates there is no essential oil that can be applied topically without some risk. The essential oils commonly used in a “thieves” blend are often strong skin irritants and known sensitizers that are generally not recommended for dermal applications or in dilutions under 1% (1 drop in 5mls carrier oil). You should talk with your aromatherapist for specific guidelines to your constitution, age, and health history.

Essential questions in research papers

essential questions in research papers


essential questions in research papersessential questions in research papersessential questions in research papersessential questions in research papers