Essay gerard manley hopkins poetry

Any genuine democracy is imperfect, yes? Trump was elected by due process yet the American left seems intent on toppling him. America IS its constition to a much greater extent that is the case in a European country. Anti Trump fanaticism is a threat to Americas very being.
On the other hand… The business of any government is central planning, by definition, though not to the absurd extent as was in the USSR. The American right seems to regard itself as being in opposition to Government…on principle. One may be in favour of a low tax-low services administration ( without taxation there is no administration) or a high tax – good services administration, but once the votes have been counted put up with things…until next time.
I might *Dream* of a Labour lead left-Ish government here in Ireland but the (soft) left has never had more than 1/3 of cabinet seats. Thats how the vote went.
Of the people, by the people, for the people may be an idealisation but it is not nonesense.
Support your government….. then vote for Jill Stein.

You introduced me to teenaged Parker when I saw you in Princeton. You have brought the sadness of his passing full circle with this message of enduring closeness.
As I wonder and pray how I might be an instrument in God’s hand to advance His purposes, it hadn’t occurred to me that we do so by being kindly empathetic in all of our interractions. That seems trite compared to great acts of ministry and service but apparently has eternal consequences. It sets the tone for Him to exist in our mundane activities.
I am grateful that this came to my attention. God will be evident within others. I will see others as He sees them.
This stirs pleasant thoughts. Best regards.

Essay gerard manley hopkins poetry

essay gerard manley hopkins poetry


essay gerard manley hopkins poetryessay gerard manley hopkins poetryessay gerard manley hopkins poetryessay gerard manley hopkins poetry