Dumpster diving thesis

A few assumptions but to keep it simple:
650K per year / 150 properties = $4,333 annually per property or $360 per month.
Taking this $360 per month / $35 per hour = 10+ hours per month or about 20 minutes per day.
If utilizing $50 per hour it is under 15 minutes per day.
I am guessing it takes roughly 12 properties to get to $50K gross annually.
As a side job, this would be difficult to tackle alone unless one doesn’t mind being out at 1 am or beginning at 1 am.
This is definitely an intriguing proposition to explore.
I wonder if the real estate management companies would go for an every other day cleanup?
Thanks for sharing and am on the fence about purchasing your book.
$80-$90 is a bit steep for this crowd but I wish you the best of continued success.

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Dumpster diving thesis

dumpster diving thesis


dumpster diving thesisdumpster diving thesisdumpster diving thesisdumpster diving thesis