Does god exist essay conclusion

So, it would seem that just as the Synagogue of Satan and the Romans combined to murder Jesus and subsequently persecute the Christian church under Herod, Nero, and a host of Caesars, so were the Synagogue of Satan and Rome responsible for the slave trade and the subsequent persecution and murder of countless Blacks.  For not only is it a fact that false Jews were involved in the American slave trade, but it is also a fact that the Roman Catholic church controlled slavery.  For it has been firmly established that the Vatican’s Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) divided the African slave trade between Portugal and Spain,  and Portugal and Spain are Roman Catholic countries.  It has also been established that many of the slave ships that brought African slaves to the New World were largely owned by wealthy Jews.  But these Jews were not true Jews.

“ Everything about ghosts - from their mystical and unclear communications, their appearance to individuals alone, their frequenting of dark, odd, scary, lonely or old places, their half-seen and half-heard nature, all require large amounts of personal and subjective interpretation in order to create the experience. Ghosts seem to appear in all the circumstances in which our minds are at their least logical, least clear, and least sensible. This is not the hallmark of a murky spiritual world 'just beyond reach' - it is the hallmark of a phenomenon that comes from the quirky psychological of the living rather than the strange attempts of the recently dead to somehow appear - complete with clothes - and to try most ineffectually to tell us things. Every scientific investigation has found the idea of ghosts to be impossible, and every solved case has turned out to have utterly mundane origins, mostly in Human confusion, hallucination and other thinking errors , but unfortunately many so-called ghost photos and stories have turned out to be simple exaggerations, pranks and frauds. All it takes is suggestion, and a ghost story can become real : to prove this, multiple times sceptics have invented ghost stories and spread them: it is only a matter of time before the invented ghosts get reported to them by people who think they've seen them 29 . The occurrence of ghosts in hallucinations can give believers the most convincing experiences , and, other coincidences (such as dreaming of someone and finding out that they're dead) are only akin with the laws of chance. Try to think of how many more times we dream of those we know and they turn out not to have recently died! The problem is, these more mundane experiences are easily forgotten, where the occasional coincidence is so dramatic we remember it, and build false theories upon them. There is no afterlife, there is no soul , there are no spirits wandering around occasionally making themselves visible: there are no ghosts . ”

(MSR1) claims that God allows some evils to occur that are smaller in value than a greater good to which they are intimately connected. If God eliminated the evil, he would have to eliminate the greater good as well. God is pictured as being in a situation much like that of Mrs. Jones: she allowed a small evil (the pain of a needle) to be inflicted upon her child because that pain was necessary for bringing about a greater good (immunization against polio). Before we try to decide whether (MSR1) can justify God in allowing evil and suffering to occur, some of its key terms need to be explained.

Does god exist essay conclusion

does god exist essay conclusion


does god exist essay conclusiondoes god exist essay conclusiondoes god exist essay conclusiondoes god exist essay conclusion