Critical essays fairy tales

Sandra Cisneros short story “Eleven” is a unique story filled with distinctive thoughts and an interesting overall plot. Filled with exhilaration and humor, it depicts an eleven-year-old girl’s eleventh birthday. Yet, underneath the age of eleven, this girl believes she is still ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and even one! According to her, all your younger emotions are still in you as you grow older. For instance, sometimes you might cry and act as though you are three. But no matter what she thinks, she is turning eleven on the day described in the story.

Fairy tales have been modernized and transformed into many genres, in ways that expose their undesirable hidden meaning for adults' enjoyment or eliminate it for children's enjoyment. For example, Stephen Sondheim dealt with the "latent" themes of adultery, dishonesty, and death in his acclaimed 1986 musical, Into the Woods. In sharp contrast, Disney's animated versions of fairy tales tend to focus on the magical and comforting aspects of the stories because they are marketed towards children. One famous Disney reversal of a fairy tale is its version of The Little Mermaid. While Hans Christian Andersen's 1836 version ends with the protagonist turning into a spirit in limbo, a fate potentially frightening to children, Disney's 1989 version ends with her turning into a human and marrying the man of her dreams. Fairy tales are considered to have given rise to the fantasy genre, which retains many of their motifs. The endurance of fairy tales for so many centuries and across so many cultures validates their importance in human development as well as their entertainment value. Even in a digital age when technology is constantly outpacing itself, it is hard to imagine that fairy tales will ever become obsolete.

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  • Critical essays fairy tales

    critical essays fairy tales


    critical essays fairy talescritical essays fairy talescritical essays fairy talescritical essays fairy tales