Architecture senior thesis projects

southlight Advanced Studio: Reinventing Light Frame Construction What if we remote the sheathing, consider structure in more novel ways, and replace traditional dumb membranes with new smarter materials? What does this new Light Construction Look like?   This year’s full-scale advanced studio, taught by Jonathan Knowles and Brett Schneider, challenges typical residential wood framing. The goal of the studio is to propose continue reading…

Whilst the data within each view adds more richness to the overall description of an architecture, it is not necessary for all of the MODAF views to be completed at any particular point in time during the MOD ’s acquisition life cycle. Indeed, each group of users within the MOD will have different needs and will only populate and exploit those MODAF Views that are of relevance to them. This means that most of the MOD ’s communities of interest ( COIs ) will only be dealing with the population and exploitation of a subset of MODAF views, and few will need to understand and deal with all of the available MODAF views.

Architecture senior thesis projects

architecture senior thesis projects


architecture senior thesis projectsarchitecture senior thesis projectsarchitecture senior thesis projectsarchitecture senior thesis projects