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The Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) is hosting its annual conference, an event that brings affordable housing developers, advocates, experts, cross-sector partners, and other stakeholders together for a day of learning and networking. This year’s theme of “Standing Together” reflects NPH’s commitment standing with members and partners to create an equitable, sustainable, and vibrant region and state through creating and preserving affordable homes. NPH is the leading advocacy and membership organization for nonprofit affordable housing developers in Northern California. The Bank is among the sponsors of this event.

To achieve this goal, the City of Detroit worked with residents and stakeholders of the area to develop a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy, known as the Douglass-Market Transformation Plan. This Transformation Plan is focused around the redevelopment of the Douglass Homes public housing site, while simultaneously directing investment in the surrounding neighborhood and supporting positive outcomes for the families who live there.  The goal is to reknit the neighborhood fabric and link residents both physically and programmatically to amenities and economic opportunities through the creation of a dense, inclusive neighborhood with a focus on equitable and sustainable development.

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Affordable business grant writing services

affordable business grant writing services


affordable business grant writing servicesaffordable business grant writing servicesaffordable business grant writing servicesaffordable business grant writing services