Academic essay about life in the future

I so agree none of the things as a 13 year old student am learning in school right now is completely irrelevant I have to do a book report I’m thinking to myself right now when in my life am I going to do a book report like you said Shelly an essay when are students including myself going to write an essay up until I was 11 never even heard the word essay until my teacher Mr Wilcox said you guys are going to right a two page essay and it in 2 days from now and I was like what!? and I have dreams about what I want to do in about 10 to 15 years time and its bringing dinosaurs back to life and nothing I am learning in school is helping me to do that I think the school systems have all learning subjects that are not on a certain period except for when you go and leave school and it has whatever students want to learn whether its the periodic table or is arsenic poison? so we can learn the things we need for our dreams to come true like mine if the schools are possibly going to be like the way I am suggesting they should be it could make our dreams happen a lot faster here is an example lets say that you want to make a dinosaur like me but you do not have the education to do so and you need to know about rna dna genetics and so on and lets say your in 7th grade like I am now and you don’t learn any of those thing that you need to know to make it happen until lets say 12th grade that’s 5 years waiting time until you learn that now that’s a lot of time wasted now that’s when a lot of people go and say well that’s what googles for yeah their right but maybe not everybody has google or maybe you can only do that research after school and you don’t want to waste your break because schools boring!!! it would be a lot more fun if we could learn what we want and have fun learning it like you said Shelly I want to make my dreams come true faster than they are going to and school is irrelevant and everything you learn in it is irrelevant too there has to be change before any of the students in the 21 century succeed the way they feel they need to and should I am hoping that I can change the way schools work in a way that’s best for everyone not just for the teachers who have that kind of job only to make a living thank you for reading my comment

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Academic essay about life in the future

academic essay about life in the future


academic essay about life in the futureacademic essay about life in the futureacademic essay about life in the futureacademic essay about life in the future